• Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru

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Life changing trip in Cusco, Peru!

One may ask oneself why "life changing". First of, Peru is a beautiful and unique country with its very welcoming locals. Arriving in Cusco, you get to see a bit of an arid typography, but also some tropical/Amazonian landscape and the rough and lush Andes mountain ranges.
Walking near or on some occasions, right at the top of these high mountains, one gets a sense of inner peace and outmost respect for nature's beauty and immensity. Our guide, Carlos Unda Cano was amazing. He is very knowledgeable in the history of Peru and the Inca civilization, by which I am fascinated.
Carlos, took his time to answer all of our group's questions and showed us a side of Peru, perhaps no other travel/tour company would, or at least in the style and manner it was done.
From climbing to the top of Machu Picchu, to horseback riding with the beautiful mountainous scenery as a backdrop, to having a picnic in the middle of a forest, Cusco & Machu Picchu will always have a special place in my heart.
I strongly recommend this trip and would definitely do it again should the occasion arises once more.

Alain Jean-Jacques
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29 June 2017, USA, Florida

I only spent 6 hrs. with Doris birding near Cusco (Huacarpay) but was thoroughly captivated not only by her knowledge of birds but also of history, culture, flora, and environmental education. Highest recommendations! for her services and her work, as well as her passion for Peru's great natural and human resources!
Pete Hoeger, Minnesota, USA
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Pete Hoeger
18 March 2015, USA

Sincere thanks to Doris at Habitats for planning and executing our superb trip to Peru. Her knowledge and passion for all things Peruvian brought our trip to life. (birding, sacred sites, and experience with superb hotels/restaurants were invaluable in creating a memorable time in an amazing part of the world)
THANK YOU again, Doris!
If anyone is planning a trip to Peru, I can't imagine a better resource...
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Gary Scheft
28 May 2014, USA

Doris Valencia arranged a birding, orchid, and natural history tour for my group in April 2015 in the Maranon Valley of Peru. For the birding lister, Doris knows the locations where the Maranon endemics can be found, knows all of the calls and is quick with playback to bring in the skulkers. We picked up a large number of endemics in one week. One member of the group is an orchid enthusiast and so is Doris. She was able to direct us to several hundred orchid varieties of which more than 60 were in bloom. Another member of the group was more interested in history, culture, and textiles. Doris kept her very happy with her fine background in Peruvian history and culture. We squeezed in visits to a number of historic sites and native textiles as well as a rare sighting of Gocta Falls. We enjoyed her company, her fine English, and the fair fees she arranged for transportation, travel, accommodations and meals.Read more

25 May 2014, USA

My partner, Harriett Cody and I, had the birding trip of a lifetime when we traveled to Peru´s Manu Biosphere Refuge with Doris Valencia. Not only was Doris an incomparable bird guide, but she was an expert naturalist, Inca historian, and was well-versed in Peru´s current socio-economic policies and their politics.

We learned about Doris quite by accident when we investigated the Birding Pals website in order to find a guide to the Manu Refuge. The reviews about Doris were both impressive and, as we would soon learn, completely accurate. Of course our birding trip was unusual because we had her all to ourselves for 8 days and saw practically every bird that she saw, together with rich descriptions of practically every bird´s distinct habits and habitats. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Doris´s English language skills were amazing, as she was able to explain in minute detail everything we experienced on our trip, every nuance, for instance, of the mating ritual at the Cock-of-the Rock lek to the waves of birds arriving at the Macaw Clay Lick to the unique hydrologic formation of the Oxbow Lakes.

And because she grew up in Cusco, she easily shared her knowledge of the ancient Inca region and the Quechua language. So, we were not too surprised to learn that Doris has guided several trips to Machu Picchu. After visiting these Inca ruins ourselves a week later, we were very sorry that we did not have Doris at our side guiding us through every pathway and building at the site. She did tell us how we might attract and see the endemic Inca Wren at Machu Picchu. Because of Doris, we made a very successful contact with this chatty little bird.

When it comes to birding adventures we could not have asked for more. But Doris was more than just an extraordinary guide: in eight days she became one of our best friends. She wanted to know everything about us and of course we were eager to learn more about her, which she was always happy to share. In the years ahead we look forward to many more birding trips with terrific young woman in Peru and perhaps Ecuador. We are already planning a reunion this fall in Texas at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival.
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09 February 2014, USA

We just returned from a 4-week trip to Peru arranged for us by Habitats Peru. We did so many different things there, I won´t even try to describe them all. What we wanted to see and experience on this trip were contemporary Peruvian life in the cities, Machu Pichu and many other wonderful historical and archaeological sites, the Altiplano environment and the eastern slope of the Andes and the Amazon. We also enjoy birding and we did a lot in various environments, especially the Cloud Forest and Rain Forest. We saw so, so much but never felt rushed or over-scheduled.

We travel often and have used many tour companies, and this trip with Habitats Peru was one of our very best experiences. Everything we saw and experienced was even better than we expected with no problems, no missed connections and absolutely nothing went wrong and that is unusual for a trip of this length.

The entire thing was arranged by Doris Valencia of Habitats Peru, and she was extremely easy to work with. She arranged things that we knew we wanted on the trip and she also had some wonderful suggestions of things we would never have experienced otherwise. She was also our guide for most of the trip, and the guides in areas where she was not available were all excellent. And Doris was a wonderful guide for everything. Her knowledge of history was outstanding. Her eye for birds and her knowledge of where to find was unbelievable. We have used birding guides before and Doris was one of the best. We saw over 300 species while we were there with her, most of which we had never seen before. This included several rare species and some Peru endemics.

And Doris was not only a wonderful guide but a very enjoyable travelling companion as well. We enjoyed meeting and sharing time with her as much as we enjoyed the rest of the trip. I just can´t say enough about Doris and about Habitats Peru. Together they made this one of our most memorable trips ever.

I recommend Doris and Habitats Peru enthusiastically. In fact I already have to some of our travelling friends.

Ed Cheknis and Ann Boland
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Ed Cheknis
18 November 2013, USA

My wife and I traveled with Doris Valencia for a bit over a week into the wonderful Manu Biosphere Reserve. This is for most people a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in this rugged natural area of South America. It is a true adventure made all the better by Doris´ skills and good company. We saw a vast array of plants and animals including hundreds of species of birds, and even the most experienced birders will expand their life lists of exotic sightings. Manu is a very remote location almost free of the intrusion of tourists. It at times can be quite exciting, and yet everything was planned and managed so as to remove any sense of danger or serious inconvenience. This journey and the rest of our time in Peru was among of the very best of our travels. I would highly recommend any travel journey with Doris.Read more

Douglas Witt
05 November 2013, USA

We visited Peru July 28-August 22, 2013. Our tour was mixed, cultural and birding and we had the great luck to have it organised and run by Doris Valencia and her company Habitats Peru.They made all arrangements for hotels and transportation in Lilma, Aguas Calientes, Cuzco and all lodges in Manu NP. From day 1 until our departure everything worked well, not a single problem, schedules, reservations and visits were all honored. And we had Doris for ourselves in Cuzco and Manu. A native of Cuzco, she knows very well the history and traditions of the Incas and their present descendants and of Peru in general. It's a real pleasure to listen to Doris as she narrates with enthusiasm how the Incas build and administer their empire. Back from Machu Picchu, Doris guided us in Manu. Oustanding guide in the field, great skill to spote a bird and to put it on the scope in a split second. Not only birds but also mamals, reptiles, butterflies, trees and plants and how all interactin that environment. We had 307 birds species, 5 were heard. All in all, we much enjoyed our tour and the very pleasant company of Doris. Highly recommended, you can't go wrong with Habitats Peru and Doris Valencia.Read more

Kalory Razanamasy and Jose Bronfman
10 October 2013, Madagascar

We recently had a lovely 11-day tour under the expert care of Carlos & Doris, including Lima, Pucusana, Sandoval Lake, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machupicchu. We cannot express how delighted we were with the service provided to us. Professional, knowledgeable, attentive to every detail, warm, energetic, funny, charming... we just run out of words to describe Doris & Carlos. Highly recommend any dealings with these people!Read more

Lynn & Brian Robb
02 February 2013, Canada

We had a four day trip into the Manu forest in November 2012. Doris organised everything for us, from collecting us at our Cuzco hotel to dropping us off at the train station in Ollantaytambo for our onward trip to Machu Picchu.

We spent three nights at Cock of the Rock lodge which was a brilliant base to bird the area. Got to see Cock of the Rock on the first morning(my main reason for travelling to Peru) and later the next day too. Oustanding birding all round with many species of Tanagers, Hummingbirds and even four species of Macaw!! And of course wonderful scenery, butterflies, bugs, ferns and beer.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Doris(and Billy, our very competant driver) and only wish it could have been longer. We hope to get back sometime soon for a trip to see the Marvelous Spatuletail! I figure next time we'll just tell Doris how long we'll be in the country and trust her to surprise us with the rest. I doubt we'll be disappointed.

So if you're thinking of doing a trip to Peru then do yourself a favour and book with these guys. I'm certainly glad we did!

Thanks a million Doris.......see ya soon.
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Steven Fletcher and Kerry Robinson..
05 December 2012, Suffolk, England.

Fantastic experience. From birding in the Amazon with Doris' colleague, Klaus (who knew every bird call, feather, nesting habit, etc.), to Doris indepth knowledge of Machu Picchu, Cusco and shopping, my friend and I did it all. Doris arranged everything. Perfect hotels with charm. Funky little restaurants. A cooking class of Peruvian classics. A music class with a talented musician. An overnight stay with a Peruvian family on a remote island -- all perfectly arranged, and fascinating. I wouldn't do Peru with Doris. Period.Read more

B. Phillips
29 October 2012, Peru

I had 7-days wonderful birding trip to Manu National Park with Doris in September. The program was well organized in every aspects. She has deep knowledge about identification, vocalization and habitats of numerous birds and always make effort to find many birds. Thanks to her, I could enjoyed 302 bird species as well as other wildlife and superb scenery. Peru is amazing country with diverse and rich natural environment. I hope to revisit there someday.Read more

Ikumi Yoshioka
21 October 2012, Japan

I was in Cusco for a visit to Machu Picchu with my family and I only had one day to devote to birding. While my family went sight-seeing one day, Doris took me birding between Cusco and Abra Malaga. Doris was a great guide. She knows the birds, their calls, and where to find them. She worked very hard to show me many wonderful birds and the scenery was breathtaking. Do yourself a big favor and go birding with Doris. She is extremely nice and a super field guide.Read more

Richard Bell
27 August 2012, US

My fiancee and I took an amazing trip with Doris to Manu and the Amazonian lowlands in September, seeing over 360 species of birds in 8 days. Doris' incredible knowledge of Peru's avifauna is matched by her energy and enthusiasm for Peru's culture, history, and ecology. I cannot imagine having done this trip with anyone else, and would highly recommend Doris as a guide to anyone traveling to Peru. I hope to be able to travel with her again on my next visit!Read more

Josh Berman
28 January 2012, United States

My husband and I and my brother and his family traveled to Peru in October 2011. We spent a glorious 10 days with Carlos showing us around getting us primed for the big hike. Then Doris took over. This was a trip my brother and I wanted to do for years. It did not disappoint. Doris is an amazing guide- so knowledgeable about the history of the country, archeology, and the plants and the animals. The food was awesome, the 4 day hike was challenging, but worth every minute. It was a magical trip and the only complaint we have is-the trip ended. We hope to return some day for another adventure with Doris and Habitats Peru.Read more

Kara and Bruce Erickson
16 January 2012, USA

Wendy and I had an incredible experience during our October trip with Habitats Peru. We loved every minute in Peru. From our first four days in the Amazon, to mountain biking Maras and Moray, to exploring the historical areas near Cusco and Machu Picchu, to concluding our trip at Lake Titicaca, our trip was beyond our expectations. Doris is an excellent guide. Our trip was well organized with excellent attention to every detail. The accommodations were all first rate. The food was fantastic.

Doris has a deep and accurate knowledge of the history of Peru and of the various sites we visited. I did a lot of reading about the history of Peru to prepare for our trip. Doris was able to "flesh out" what I had read, from the smallest architectural details to broad historical events. She also excelled at teaching us about the art and cultural sites we visited.

I have been fortunate to have birded with some excellent birders in North America. Doris's ear and identification skills are as good as anyone with whom I have birded. This is a daunting challenge because of Peru's 1800 plus bird list.

I would totally trust Doris to arrange a trip for you that you will completely enjoy and never forget.

Dave and Wendy Carter
October 23, 2010
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Dave and Wendy Carter
24 October 2010, USA

I emphatically recommend Habitats Peru and Doris Valencia to anybody wanting to explore Peru. Doris is an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide and she is well versed in the cultural and natural history of her country. Her birding skills are top notch and she works hard to insure that all the participants gets to see them. Doris Valencia is one of the best guides that I have had the pleasure to work with. Our tour with her was
excellent and we look forwards to working with her again.

Dan van den Broek Audubon Society of Portland Trip Leader and Educator
September 2010
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Dan van den Broek
14 October 2010, U.S.A

We had a wonderful vacation with Doris, Carlos and other members of their staff. The personalized itinerary and care taken that all our needs were met, could not have been better. All the guides were so knowledgeable about the natural history and culture of their country.. Our stay in Peru more than met our expectations, so much so, that we are planning another trip for this fall to the Manu and Amazon basin. Thank you for a memorable experience!Read more

linda abeles
11 April 2010, USA

I spent a few days birding with Doris and Carlos in September. We birded several places around Cusco and in Monterosa (where I also got to plant some trees).

I had a fabulous time! Doris and Carlos were very knowledgeable about birds, history, culture and most other things Peru.

Doris is absolutely amazing at spotting and identifying birds. I came back with more than 150 life birds, including 17 hummingbirds and some rare birds, like the endangered Inca Wren.

It was a fabulous tour. I am planning to do another tour with them later this year.

I highly recommend them. You will have a good time.

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Manny Vara
26 January 2010, San Jose, California, USA

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