• Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru
  • Habitats Peru - Cusco, Peru

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About Habitats Peru

Habitats Peru was established with the sole purpose of providing travelers with reliable, knowledgeable, eco-responsible and unique service in Peru, we are a professional peruvian team, and our main objective is to practice and promote sustainable tourism.

Why Habitats Peru?

Habitats Peru Travel is involve in conservation of peruvian habitats, profits go to conservation initiatives in the areas we visit, Carbon Emissions Free Travel is our theme, since air and vehicle travel is essential part of any visitor to south-america and hence to Peru, yet these are also environmentally damaging activities, producing large amounts of CO2, the main agent in climate change. Improved management of carbon storage by terrestrial biomes has been recognized as of significant value, a great contribution towards mitigating climate change. The very act of bringing our guest to Peru produce large quantities of CO2, we have therefore started our CO2 Emissions Guest Compensation Program to counterpart this serious impact and at the same time help to reforest key areas in the highly diverse andes of Peru through tree planting and environmental education, this means that for every booking with Habitats Peru Travel you will be planting trees in Peru, making a big difference to regular travelling. For more information visit www.pachaconservancy.org

By booking your trip with Habitats Peru Travel you will know that your journey is actually reducing atmospheric carbon and helping reforest key areas in the Andes of Peru hence protecting the habitats we visit with our guest, preserving bird habitats and educating school kids. We also welcome individual donations to plant additional trees at the time of your booking.

Meet our team

Doris Valencia Puclla

Travel Consultant and Birding/Naturalist Guide

Doris Valencia PucllaDoris Valencia Puclla grew up in Cusco-Peru, she has a degree in tourism administration, worked as a park ranger in the Manu National Park in 1998, where she re-discovered her passion for birds and nature, since then she is been working as a tour guide in several natural areas of Peru, Doris has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to bird watching, which is what she enjoys the most, she is also a very avid lecturer, and has a special dedication to the study of the rich cultural and archaeological content of her country. Doris has had the opportunity to show her skills working for several birding companies, has worked as a general natural history guide and birding guide for the Explorer doing Amazon River cruises between Manaus and Iquitos. She loves to share with our travelers intimate knowledge of regional customs, history, folklore, music and food. Her attention to detail, humor, knowledge of the local areas we visit is outstanding. She guides our natural history and birding tours.

If you want to contact Doris, email her at [email protected]

Carlos Unda Cano

Travel Specialist/Adventure Guide

Carlos Unda CanoRaised in Cusco Carlos spent his childhood playing in the Andes. A varsity athlete and always a lover of the outdoors, he received a degree in Tourism from National University in Cusco. Carlos has been racing bicycles for over ten years. He has completed such events as the Megavalanche and is a regular competitor in mountain bike racing; having earned several state and international championship titles. Carlos has always felt the pull to explore new cultures, he has organized and led tours in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil and of course Peru. In 2006, just as scientists were exposing the serious effects of climate change and ecosystems; inspired and determined along with Doris Valencia founded the MonteRosa Plant a Tree Project that aims to restore a forest and lecture locals on environmental issues.“I feel a great sense of pride when sharing my knowledge and passion for Peru and seeing guests’ appreciation for the country’s culture and natural beauty.”

If you want to contact Carlos, email him at [email protected]

Juan Carlos Sotomayor

Biking Guide

Juan Carlos holds a degree in tourism and has been leading tours along Cusco area for about 5 years. He is a passionate outdoor lover and avid biker, he leads our hiking/biking tours and is in a constant seek of new adventures and experiences, his love for the quechua culture took him to remote Andean areas and fertile valleys. Juan Carlos is also very interested in nature, he is an important collaborator at the MonteRosa Plant a Tree Project.

Jose Luis Avendaño Medina

Birding Guide

José Luis was born in Cusco and began his career at the Tambopata National Reserve and Bahuaja Sonene National Park where he trained as a naturalist and worked as a resident guide. He honed his bird guiding skills in Manu National Park working with well-known ornithologists Paul Donahue and Teresa Wood. In the last years, José Luis has traveled to many of Peru’s most well-known and varied bird habitats. José Luis specializes in natural history and birding but is also a certified culture and history guide.

Fabiana Huaman

Cutural and Natural History Guide

Fabiana Huaman is an official Tour Guide since 1999. Started as a naturalist guide in the Tambopata Candamo Reserve and the Manu National Park. She is also well versed in the rich cultural heritage of Peru. Fabiana leads our cultural tours in Lima where she lives since 2008.

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